Elena Wang

Easy Everyday Style

Happy girl in blue striped reversible camisole

Spring Summer 2021

As a female-centric and woman owned brand, Elena Wang has always put ladies first. This season is no exception. The Spring Summer 2021 collection is full of fun fresh styles that allow women to freely live their life however they want. This chic new collection is full of bright color groups and trendy looks for the young and young at heart. Hit refresh and put a spring in your step for the new season ahead!

Open for Partnerships

We Partner with Locally Owned Boutiques. We are constantly looking to expand and meet new people. Send us an email to see if we’re a good fit and we’ll put you in contact with the closest rep!

Established in 2010
In a world polarized between fast fashion and runway brands, we aim to be the right balance of the two. We create a collection that is full of quality pieces that are affordable for more than just the elite. We have a balance of fashion forward machine washable pieces and basics to fill out your wardrobe with styles you’ll love for years to come.

Where to find us

Nothing beats the in-store experience.
We work in partnership with local boutiques to make our collection available across North America and in select boutiques in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand!